Symantec ProxySG 6.6 Basic Administration

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Optiv Security Remote Live (Web Based) Training, Symantec ProxySG 6.6 Basic Administration

The ProxySG 6.6 Basic Administration course is an introduction to deployment options and management of the individual key features offered using the ProxySG 6.6 solution. This is an introductory course and designed for students who are new to the ProxySG solution.

By the completion of this two-day course you will be able to:
- Describe the major Secure Web Gateway functions of the ProxySG
- License and configure a ProxySG
- Deploy a ProxySG in either explicit or transparent mode
- Use the Visual Policy Manager to write policies to manage web filtering, authentication and SSL traffic management
- Use ProxySG access logs to generate reports

Who Should Attend
The ProxySG 6.6 Basic Administration course is intended for students who wish to master the fundamentals of the ProxySG. It is designed for students who have not taken any previous training courses about the ProxySG.

This course assumes that students have a basic understanding of networking concepts, such as local-area networks (LANs), the Internet, security and IP protocols.

Course Outline
Module 1 - Introduction to the Symantec ProxySG Secure Web Gateway
Module 2 - ProxySG Security Deployment Options
Module 3 - ProxySG Management Console
Module 4 - Traffic Interception Using Proxy Services
Module 5 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Module 6 - Introduction to the Visual Policy Manager
Module 7 - Filtering Web Content
Module 8 - Using Threat Intelligence to Defend the Network
Module 9 - Ensuring Safe Downloads
Module 10 - Notifying User of Internet Usage Policies
Module 11 - Access Logging on the Proxy SG