Staff Profiles

Tim has been in the network security and information technology industry for 25 years, having been an instructor for over 10 years. Prior to joining Optiv and FishNet Security he was CISO for a large Midwestern university and served as the Higher Education representative to the State of Kansas IT Security Council.  In the classroom Tim brings over 15 years of layer 7 infrastructure and security experience in a real-world production environments. The experiences allows Tim to connect his students’ needs and issues. 
Tim holds multiple industry and vendor specific certifications including CISSP, CSTP, CEH, CEI, CCSE+, and BCCPP. 

Having been in the IT industry for over 25 years, as a Network Engineer for a Solutions Provider, Pre and Post Sales Engineer for a networking vendor, Lead Network Engineer for a University and an Information Security Officer for a Hospital, Mike brings relevance and real-world experience to the training environment. He is a member of ISSA and InfraGard and has numerous certifications including CISSP, F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator, F5 Certified Technology Specialist - LTM, Private Pilot (not currently active) and CCNA. 

John has spent 25 years in the information technology industry with 20 of those years with specific focused on network and IT security.  Dedicating the past 12 years as a trainer, his approach in the classroom is aligned with hands-on learning methodology. John's goal in technical education is to maximize hands-on lab time vs. exclusive or extensive lecture.  John is responsive to questions and loves shaping the class around student questions and the path to discovering the answers. He has achieved numerous industry and vendor certifications including, CISSP, BCCPA/PP, CCSI, CWNT, Palo Alto Trainer, MCT and CTT+. 

Daniel (Dan) Schultz has worked in the Information Technology industry for 19 years as a system administrator, varied support roles, and for the past several years as an instructor. Dan is well regarded by students for his excellence in rendering highly technical (and sometimes dry) information into instruction that is both easy to understand and to retain. He has a very engaging teaching style that brings real world examples to the classroom, allowing students to easily learn the material and apply it to their job. Dan holds multiple certifications from Checkpoint and Palo Alto.

When not in the classroom Dan enjoys robotics, inventing and tearing into things to see how they work. Dan has an accommodating daughter that is kind enough to put up with his hobbies.